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FONATUR and the Tourism Sector

FONATUR has developed five Integrally Planned Resorts (IPRs): Cancun, Los Cabos, Ixtapa, Loreto and the Bays of Huatulco, seaside resorts that today enjoy worldwide recognition and competitive advantages over other national and international tourist destinations, such as having a Master Plan, urban-resort planning mechanisms, an Annual Construction Program operated by FONATUR and an Annual Maintenance Program operated by its affiliate, Baja Maintenance and Operation (Baja Mantenimiento y Operación, BMO).

Serving as a determining factor in the growth of the tourism sector and its future outlook, FONATUR has over a period of 30 years developed tourist destinations that have contributed significantly to boosting overnight tourism to Mexico sixfold.

The five destinations developed by FONATUR together offer more than 245 hotels and more than 36,800 rooms, with occupancy rates that reached 61.7% in 2002, or 7 percentage points above the country's other beach resorts.

On a national scale, these destinations represent 54% of Mexico's foreign revenue from tourism, and host nearly 40% of all its foreign visitors.

To the benefit of the national economy and the nation's public finances, these destinations annually generate 2.76 billion dollars and tax revenues that surpass 300 million dollars, in sales tax (called Impuesto al Valor Agregado, or IVA, in Spanish) and lodging tax alone.

These five destinations are examples of developments that spark regional growth: in 2002, the states of Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur, where Cancun and Los Cabos are located, ranked in 4th and 8th place, respectively, in per capita GDP.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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