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Foreign Investment in the Tourism Sector

Mexico has one of the most stable, open and deregulated developing economies in the world, and it currently has the highest proven level of foreign reserves, totaling 51 billion dollars. The world's three leading credit rating agencies have given Mexico investment grade status, upgrading the nation's sovereign debt to long-term foreign currency debt guaranteed by the state.

Investors already recognize the sector's potential, proof of which is that in 2001, 30% of the 1.52 billion dollars in private national and foreign investment in Mexico came from abroad. Of the 170 projects that sum was earmarked for, a third represented investments in beach destinations and another third investments in the Maya World (Mundo Maya).

Tourism is a national priority for Mexico, giving foreign investment all of the means and legal guarantees necessary. Mexico's regulatory framework fully backs foreign ownership in the majority of economic fields and activities, including real estate, allowing 100% participation in shared capital. Mexican laws governing foreign investment provide legal guarantees, offer security to Mexican and foreign investors, and simplify the paperwork involved in registering foreign investments, as well as in the unrestricted repatriation of profits, bonuses, dividends and interest payments, among other things.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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