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Loreto: Future Outlook

Loreto, capital of the Mar de Cortés Project.

This project, acknowledged to be the first feasible regional-tourist development in Mexico, wants to increase the environmental, social and economic benefits and to multiply the effects the investments will have in this region that is considered ű€śthe worldű€™s aquariumű€ť due to its amazing beauty and enormous sea biodiversity.

• Loreto, the historical capital of the Californias whose Mision is over 300 years old, has a Sea National Park, which offers activities such as fishing, water-sports and whale watching; it also has appealing hotels, a golf course, tennis courts and planned facilities for a beach club and a spa.

• Puerto Escondido is a tourist project that will cover 891.23 hectares, 150 ha will be marketable. It will be oriented to the sailing, golf and residential tourist markets by offering hotels, villas and condominiums that will provide an average 9000-room capacity. It also has a golf course, a harbor, a marina, a cruise harbor, shopping and entertainment areas.

• Golden Beach is located over a 2,533 hectare surface of which 180 hectares are going to be marketable. It will be a three-stage project. In its first stage, it will offer a potential capacity of approximately 3000 rooms and it will focus on the high-level expenditure tourists to attract the golf and nature tourism markets. It will offer low-density accommodation in hotels, farms, and haciendas, it will have golf courses, beach clubs and spas.

By the year 1012, these projects as a whole will try to lure 113,500 new international tourists and receive an equivalent of 224 million pesos in foreign currency revenues.

FONATUR wants to position this developmentű€™s future in the new trends of international tourism market, which is targeted to the sailing, health and golf segments. It is also trying to attract ecotourism to make the best use of the areaű€™s natural resources.

Therefore, the current administration is implementing, though various activities, Relaunching Strategy. Its main purpose is, by the year 2012, to have a tourism supply close to 2,000 additional rooms and that it will receive 63,500 new international visitors and record an economic distribution of over 74 million pesos.

Take advantage of FONATURű€™s investment opportunities and invest your money in the best destination: Loreto.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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