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Loreto: Actions

FONATUR has recently undertaken several actions in the Loreto-Nopoló-Puerto Escondido tourist corridor to strengthen its image, to make it more competitive and to help it attract new market segments. Among the most significant of these actions, we can find the boosting of the infrastructure networks, main services and real estate development projects which will improve and increase the offer of real estate tourist products, and the implementation of maintenance program for existing tourist services and facilities.

With the purpose of promoting this destination and of strengthening its presence in the international tourist map, it is being made easier for investors, service providers and local authorities to participate in the development of projects such as Loreto Bay. The diverse national and international destinations that are provide by Mexican and American Airlines (such as Aero Calafia, Aerolitoral, Aeroguerrero, Continental, Delta and Alaska Airlines) are making air-travel easier.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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