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Loreto: General Information

It began to be known in the 1980's. It is a tourist corridor comprising the traditional village of Loreto, Nopoló's tourist zone and the marina of Puerto Escondido. It is located in the center of the Baja California peninsula, washed by the Sea of Cortez.

The constant market component flows of tourists from Mexico, the United States, Canada and Europe and highlights two major holiday seasons in the year: November to February, visited by kayakers, ecotourists and whale gray watchers, and from March to September, a time for sport fishing and diving.

The beauty of its natural scenery is unparalleled, as it combines sea, desert and mountains creating a natural barrier formed by the Sierra de la Giganta. It is part of the largest marine ecological reserves in the country: the Loreto Bay National Park. Its waters are home of dolphins, marlin, dorado and yellow tail. Its climate is hot and dry, with an average annual temperature of 24 ° C.

Loreto´s Master Plan considers a polygon of 10,205 acres divided into three areas. The first is Loreto, an urban center of rich cultural and historical heritage, founded over 300 years ago by Jesuit priests, covering 743 acres. The second is Nopoló, with 4.6 miles of beaches and a natural oasis called First Water, has 3,467 acres, of which 60% will be allocated to ecological conservation. The third is Puerto Escondido, with its fine natural marine preserves, ideal for operating as part of the network scales as part of the Sea of Cortez Project, has 6,172 acres, of which approximately 50% will be devoted to ecological conservation.

Loreto is today regarded as the point of economic development and the most important tourist region. That is why it has been endowed with an extensive network of infrastructure and equipment among which are the international airport, a telephone station, electrical sub-station, treatment plant and sewage system allowing it the development to be efficiently connected. It also has a tennis center conformed by 9 courts, a stadium with a capacity for 280 people and a spectacular golf course with 18 holes, par 72.

Last update: 2018/03/22

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