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Ixtapa: Future Outlook

FONATUR has a clear vision for each of its Integrally Planned Resorts future. In the case of Ixtapa it considers the implementation of a Relaunching Strategy based on the strengths and a opportunities wich the destination provides us; for example, the large variety of natural resauces and landscapes in the region, a renewable hotel offer, the underutilization of installed capacity, the proximity to important markets such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, the Bajío Region, and Morelia. And finally, the potential capacity to integrate the tourist and urban reserves of Zihuatanejo.

This strategy for urban and tourist development seeks to inject new energy into the international positioning of Ixtapa in order to attract specialized high-level tourism through five main lines: promoting the golf course segment, supporting the sport fishing segment, fostering the creation of marinas and cruise docks in Zihuatanejo, and impulsing the establishment of parks, spas, and beach clubs.

With the actions of this Relaunching Strategy, tourist activity is expected to be fostered, therefore turning Ixtapa into a destination which is balanced in its offer of services, but also diverse and competitive and, mostly, a land of opportunity for investors.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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