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Ixtapa: Actions

Currently FONATUR is developing a project for dividing into lots the Cantiles Contramar sector, as well as within different urban areas in order to create high-quality real estate reserves for tourist and residential use, with a medium density, avant-garde design, and construction methods which area closely linked to the environment.

Among the urbanization projects, we can mention the developments at Lomas de Playa Linda, Lomas de las Garzas, Residencial Azul, Playa Don Juan and Majahua Cantiles, which cover a 138 hectare surface and have a capacity for about 4,294 rooms and 5,168 households.

In addition to this, there are plans to expand the Playa Larga Trailer Park in its second stage, and to build a bus terminal to allow and facilitate the arrival of passengers to this tourist destination, as well as to expand the capacity of the Marina Ixtapa aqueduct. Diverse projects for protection and maintenance of current infrastructure and services are also being planned, as well as rehabilitation and equipment of the basin and the installations at the tourist dock in Zihuatanejo.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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