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Ixtapa: General Information

On the Pacific Coast, in the State of Guerrero, FONATUR planned and developed his second Integrally Planned Center: Ixtapa, which began operations simultaneously to Cancun in 1974.

Its proximity to Mexico City allowed reducing the excessive Acapulco seasonal demand. Very soon this fishing village became a planned resort town with a booming housing condominium and timeshare market. It was also the first tourism project funded by the World Bank.

For its unique climate and its beautiful sandy beaches, Ixtapa offers a range of recreational options throughout the year. It has magnificent underwater scenery for diving. Just a few miles from its shores, you can go fishing, since species such as sailfish, marlin, dorado and tuna are abundant. In its waters can also practice sports such as sailing, snorkeling or surfing, among many others. The Ixtapa resort development was conceived as a polygon of 2,016 acres distributed in tourist area (46.48%) and conservation area (40.60%).

To meet tourist demand, Ixtapa has over 4,700 operating rooms that maintain an average occupancy of about 70%.

For cycling, Ixtapa features a bike path divided into three stages, which in their different journeys of more than 11 km you will be able observe the diversity of colorful birds that live and migrate from the north of the continent for the winter, lush flora, as well as some specimens of wildlife including crocodiles living in the mangroves.

This destination has strongly positioned in the markets of the United States and Canada, considering that tourists arrive each year from Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Ohio and Vancouver. Ixtapa is also ideal for the market of congresses, conventions and incentive travel.

Last update: 2018/03/22

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