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Huatulco: Future Outlook

Huatulco has an abundance of commercial, provisioning, hotel, industrial, multi-family and single-family lots and is willing to widen tourist and real estate possibilities with highly attractive and complex building design projects.

During the present year, several studies, projects, and works geared towards urbanization, will take place for the second phase of the sectors an Chahué and Tejón Outlook, N Sector, La Bocana, Punta Santa Cruz, as well as the completion of the B Sector, with the aim of obtaining a new sales inventory.

Additionally, several basic infrastructure services will be implemented in order to promote the reserve development around the Cacaluta Bays, Organo and Maguey, and the rehabilitation of the scenic road linking both areas. This will be done due to the fact that the area has excellent views and great beachfront space which will be sold as mega lots with services in order to attract large hotel chains and real estate companies that may be interested in developing villas, condos, a golf course, a club house, boutique hotels, 5-star hotels, beach clubs and shops.

The Relaunching Strategy initiated by FONATUR in collaboration with other sectors of the federal, state and local governments, seeks to increase the appeal of Huatulco in order to reposition it in the global tourist panorama by taking its different virtues into account: it is an ecological destination, it has an outstanding interest in nature, it integrates into a larger tourist circuit that includes the city of Oaxaca, it is a destination that combines tradition, culture and historical importance, and it guarantees that investment in the tourist section will be prosperous and profitable.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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