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Huatulco: Actions

Huatulco currently has 2,597 hotel rooms that represent 50% of the total hotel accommodation capacity, as well as the spectacular ű€śTangolundaű€ť 18-hole golf course.

Huatulco has already begun figuring on the world cruise ship market, thanks to the opening of the Santa Cruz Cruise Dock, which can simultaneously receive up to 2 ships with an average of 3,350 passengers, plus 1100 crew members each. There is also the Marina Chahué, with 84 positions for mid-size ships, 3 positions for mega-yachts measuring 160 ft., as well as the secondary CH-4 canal with an average length of 2,297 feet, which has an additional 46 positions for ships measuring up to 45 feet in length.

Huautlco has also trengthened its air accessibility thanks to the operation of the following domestic airlines: Click Mexicia, LiberaciĂłn (shared-code flight with Mexicana, Aerovinniza and Magnicharter, and the presence of International Airlines (Canada, United States and England) such as Air Transat, Sky Services, Sunwing, Conquest, Air Vacances, Apple Vacation, Continental and First Choice. These airlines altogether offer 2,820 annual flights, transporting 142,506 passengers in the same period.

Additionally, the Mexican Ministry of transportation (SCT its Spanish acronym) is working hard to open new ground accesses for this location. With the modernization and enlargement of one part of the highway known as Mitla-Tehuantepec Junction II, the construction of a 12-meter road for the Ejutla-Puerto Escondido segment, as well as an expansion to 12 meters for the Puerto Escondido-Huatulco highway, the necessary time to go from this location to Oaxaca City will be reduced from 6 hours and a half to 3 hours and a half.

Huatulco has definitely become a sustainable destination. It received the Green Globe certification for the fourth year in a row. This is a unique award in Latin America that guarantees visitorű€™s satisfaction and the success of investments through greater environmental awareness of people residing in this region.

Considering the high profitability of Huautlco, FONATUR has been willing to create a new image for it, as well as to reactivate the economic and tourist activities in order to transform it in one of the most successful tourist destinations in our country. For this purpose, it has developed a Relaunching Strategy through an inter-institutional agreement in which several federal, state and local government entities are taking part in (SECTUR, SEGOB, SE, SCT, SEMARNAT, SS, SRA, SHCP, SEMAR, SEDESOL, SEP, INAH and SAGARPA, as well as the Hotels and Motels from Huatulco Bays Association) to duplicate hotel offer with 2,500 additional rooms, to be able to reach 5,000 rooms during the present administration. All this is to be achieved by means of sustainable, high-quality, low-density projects which are respectful of the environment.

Simultaneously, Huatulco strives to complement its tourist offer through different projects such as a tourist marina, golf courses, a cruise dock, eco-parks, rescued archaeological sites, as well as the integration of shopping malls and entertainment areas such as the ű€śFifth Avenueű€ť corridor, Santa Cruz ű€“ La Crucecita. This seeks to attract over 170,000 additional international tourists, simultaneously generating 3,270 direct employments and a currency revenue of 200 million dollars by the beginning of the year 2012.

By the end of the second semester of the present year, the entity is planning to initiate operations related to the first phase of the eco-archaeological Copalita park alongside the Instituto Nacional de AntropologĂ­a e Historia (National Institute for Anthropology and History). This is one of the most important provisioning in the diversification process of this IPR, and is expected to bring in over 300 daily visitors. As to complement this project, FONATUR has allocated 2.3 million pesos to the INAH in order to allow the completion of the archaeological rescue of the site.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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