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Huatulco: General Information

The newest Integrally Planned Center created by FONATUR is located in the south of the Mexican Pacific coast 277 km. of the state capital of Oaxaca and 763 km. of the City of Mexico.

This destination known for its outstanding beauty, is formed by 9 bays, a National Park declared a protected nature reserve and beautiful landscapes of mountains, valleys and hillsides irrigated by the rivers, Coyula San Agustin and Copalita, offering tourists a great undiscovered paradise.

In 1985 work began to convert Huatulco in the fifth Integrally Planned Center. The master plan of this development includes a polygon with a total area of 20,972 acres in which 6.35% is intended for the tourist, 3.45% for urban areas and 90.19% for ecological conservation. Given the abundance of tropical nature, Huatulco offers unique scenarios where adventurers and avid of emotions tourists can take a tour boat, practice rappelling on a mountain, visit a coffee farm, know the depths of the sea or simply be satisfy their senses by the contact with nature.

It has a warm climate with annual average temperature of 28 ° C and clear skies most of the year. It is a destination that thanks to the great cultural attractions of Oaxaca, is becoming part of a very interesting tourist circuit for the European and North American visitors.

Last update: 2018/03/22

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