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Cancún: Future Outlook

With is first IPR, FONATUR wrote the beginning of the successful story that is now Cancun. Results are obvious.

Nevertheless, FONATUR is aware of the fact that there are always new challenges to face and tasks to carry out.

Loyal to its philosophy of excellent planner, it keeps planning Cancun's future along with local authorities, hotel entrepreneurs, service suppliers and the civil community.

Among the development projects offering multiple opportunities for investors, we may find the following:

- Urbanization of El Table, an exclusive residential area to be commercialized as condominium building, located in the north side of Tajamar Cancun, with a capacity of 61 households and a surface for sale of 5.68 hectares.

- Urbanization of Lomas de Vista Hermosa (supermanzana X-A), an area made up of mega lots conceived for the development of 1,842 households, shops and services with a surface for sale of 23.69 hectares.

- Tajamar Cancun, an urban project of high density nautical services and mixed use that includes offices, households and shopping areas that will be developed on a surface of 69.03 hectares.

- Urbanization of San Buenaventura, a mixed service center that will consider real estate products for commercial purposes as well as for households, water and land transportation; it will also have transport terminals designed in accordance with a sea wall and tourist corridor, an art and cultural center, a boat racing track on a surface of 36.18 hectares, with the perspective of generating 194 direct employments and 603 indirect ones.

Cancun encompasses an inventory of lots for commercial use, equipment, multifamily services, individual households and reserves, reason for which FONATUR is decided to foster a considerable investment in additional tourist equipment useful to complement and diversify the existing tourist possibilities.

With this in mind, FONATUR emphasized activities such as golf, through projects like Puerto Cancun, a harbor development on a surface of 327 hectares with a capacity for 330 ships, a marina, navigation canals, a world class golf course, a hotel and a residential area, as well as 435 single households, two beach clubs and a shopping corridor.

Likewise, Riviera Cancun encompasses a residential complex of 3778 rooms, conceived around a world class golf course offering lots for five star hotels, house clubs, an ecological reserve and a preservation area on a surface of 870 hectares, out of which 370 hectares will be usable.

A Competitiveness Strengthening Strategy has already been designed for the years to come, focused on keeping up the reputation of this location, reinforcing its positioning in the international tourism market and attracting other specific market segments and high consuming ones.

Take advantage of FONATUR's investment opportunities and invest your money in the best destination: Cancun

Last update: 2018/03/22

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