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Los Cabos: Future Outlook

Los Cabos offers land lots with business, residential and single-family housing land use. The Lomas del Desierto housing development is aimed to satisfy the zoneű€™s housing demand; it constitutes a tourist residential set in the 13th block of Cerro del VigĂ­a and is one of the most relevant projects that will be developed in the short term.

The project ecompasses a 380 ha surface (more than 80% is marketable), it has a capacity for 54 homes and it is expected to generate 87 new jobs in the area. Puerto Los Cabos is a medium term investment project that encompasses an 800 ha surface; it is a project of great relevance for the development of real estate products revolving around a golf course and a marina.

In the current administration, FONATUR is trying to keep the top quality and competitiveness that Los Cabos provides in all its tourist services. Thus, it works in a coordinated manner with local authorities, hoteliers, service providers and civil society to carry out a series of activities in the tourism, urban, infrastructure, regional facilities, highway and transport administration, urban image and environment fields. These activities area aimed to support the real estate consolidation of this tourist corridor.

The regionű€™s overall goal consists of taking advantage of this destinationű€™s location; it is considered to be Mexicoű€™s second most important cruise harbor for the consolidation of the sailing and golf activities; thus it is expected to make easier its integration to the network of Transient Marinas that integrate the Mar de CortĂ©s Project. Therefore, it will attract 4,500 new international tourists by the year 2012, add 174 rooms to the current supply and generate a 5.2 million dollar currency income.

Last update: 2018/04/13

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